Lead Centred Person Practice

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unit 517 – Lead Person - Centred Practice 1.1 Explain person – centred Practice Being person centred is taking things from the perspective of the person and what is important to them. This means that we listen to each person and help them to live the lives they choose. Person centred planning is a way of finding out what is important to a person and a way of turning an individual’s ideas and aspirations into reality. It provides a way of listening to and working with the person, their ideas and aspirations and working with their families in partnership. To make this happen we will work with family, friends and advocates to enable and empower the person with learning disabilities to making decisions about their lives and how they would like their care delivered. The main point is to put them at the centre of everything developing a holistic approach. Person Centred Planning will be crucial in the action taken to meet the objectives of Valuing People especially in the areas of: Enabling people to access a range of activities of their choice, including work, through effective partnership working with all relevant local agencies • Enabling young people to plan their lives and to make valued contribution to the communities in which they live • Maximising opportunities for disabled children • Offering choice and control in where people live and who they live with • Enabling people to lead fulfilled lives and develop a range of relationships in their communities • Enabling people to make full use of Direct Payments, so that they can purchase a full and innovative service • Promotion of good health and access to general health services services • Ensuring staff working with people with learning disabilities are appropriately skilled, trained and qualified. The aim of person-centred practice in our organisation is to Enable

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