Human Service Professional

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LeChana Jameson Interview with Todd and Reggie HN205: Applied Skill for Human Services Professor Spruill 01/12/2014 A human service professional in the helping process play a major role in today’s society, working side-by-side with various professionals an assist individuals, groups, organizations and communities. Professionals aim to improve the lives of their clients. In the human service field the duties vary by the job. All human service professionals perform many of the same basic tasks, such as helping a client’s needs, creating a plan, and putting that plan to use. Personal values, beliefs, prejudices, and stereotypes can help the helping process because the client and professional may share the same idea or beliefs. Personal values are beliefs and actions of a person; how life is valued, so whatever the client feels or knows the human service professional may be able to add to it and it could engage the client in a positive way because of their own personal knowledge and experiences. On the other hand, it could harm the helping process if their beliefs are different from each others. In this case study Todd and Reggie are homosexuals, which could cause them not to receive all the help that they are seeking because the human service professional might have negative feelings about homosexuality. Even though Todd and Reggie are homosexuals the professional should not be worrying about their homosexuality, instead the professional should be worried about the relationship issues that brought Todd and Reggie in to see them. If I was the human service professional for this case, I would not feel uncomfortable about Todd and Reggie being homosexual because this is their personal beliefs. I personally do not agree or disagree with this type of behavior because it’s not for me to judge, but I was raised up to know that morally it is wrong to be in a
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