What is a Hero?

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There are many people who are labeled as a “hero”, but what makes someone a hero? The ability to shoot spider webs at bad guys? Taking a stand for what you believe in? Helping an old lady take groceries to her car? When people think of a hero, many different characteristics may come to mind. One characteristic of a hero is courage. Courage is a quality of spirit that enables you to face danger or pain without showing fear. Even when a hero is in a tough situation, they are always ready to do what needs to be done without second thought of their own safety. A very good quality to have, but there are more qualities to being a hero. Another characteristic is nobility. Nobility is the quality of elevation of mind and exaltation of character. Heroes must be noble in what they do. They cannot be belligerent, but instead, act with honor and integrity. There is no honor in running into a burning building when you run back out with nothing but a handful of your neighbors jewels. There is one additional quality someone must obtain to be considered a hero. Strength is one of the most important characteristics of a hero. The kind of strength that is needed is not necessarily physical strength, but mental. Unless someone is able to stay strong mentally, they will not be able to maintain courage or nobility. They may lose control of themselves easily, and turn a heroic act into a tragedy. These three characteristics are some of the most important features of a hero. It is what defines a hero. It is what proves a hero deserves respect and acknowledgment. Unfortunately not everyone that lives up to this set of values is properly recognized or

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