Examples Of Heroism In The Odyssey

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Alexandra Stepanovic January 6, 2009 English Odyssey Analytical Paper What is considered heroism? Is it only strength and courage? Is being hospitable to anyone and loyal to people who are close to you also a part of being a hero? What about being cunning and coming up with clever ideas to get you and the people around you out of trouble? All of these things make up the characteristics of a hero. Although Odysseus makes many mistakes in his life, he is still incredibly cunning and is a bold hero because of his courageous actions. His heroic actions do not always mean using physical strength, but could mean any one of these things. One of the most obvious ways that Odysseus shows his heroism is through the incident of the Cyclopes.…show more content…
While the master plan to blind the Cyclops was incredibly successful, he did something severely wrong while leaving the island. Not knowing of the consequences that might occur, Odysseus shouted his real name to the Cyclops, which essentially caused him a great deal of trouble afterwards. ”Hear me Poseidon…Grant that Odysseus / Son of Laertes, / May never reach his home on Ithaca. “ (Book 9, 22-25) prays Polyphemus. Thus Poseidon further delays Odysseus’ trip and makes it just that much harder for him to return to Ithaca. Another great mistake happened on his way home from Aeolia. After receiving the bag of winds from Aeolus, Odysseus and his crew board their ship and are on their way back home. Odysseus does not reveal the contents of the bag to his crew, making them inquisitive. Due to the fact that he has not slept in nine days, he falls asleep on the tenth night because of exhaustion and minding the sail for all of the days. “As soon as I fell asleep, the men started to talk…” (Book 10, 41) Odysseus says. His crew begins to further question what is in the bag and they begin to think that Aeolus has secretly given Odysseus a bag of fortune in gold and silver. With this thought, they become exceedingly greedy. They tear open the bag and the winds are released, blowing the ship back to Aeolia. This shows how disloyal the crew was being to Odysseus. This also demonstrates how careless Odysseus can be. By not telling his crew the contents of the mysterious bag, he caused himself a great deal and much time lost. Although, Odysseus is only human and cannot possibly remember to tell his crew every detail that happens in his life, so he cannot be blamed very much for this incident. Nevertheless, he could have prevented it as
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