what factors influence the way you vote

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I believe that the most influential factors in my choosing of a candidate are their experience in serving the United States. Another two very important factors would be integrity and the position that they hold on global affairs. One of the most important factors in a candidate would be their experience in serving the United States. It is very crucial to me that the candidate is knowledgeable about the economy, and to support the well being of the United States. They need to be well established problem solvers whether the economy is doing well or poorly and be able to solve the situations accordingly. A candidate also needs to have a history of always serving in the best interest of the people of the United States. The position that a candidate holds on global affairs is by far one of the most critical factors that someone of office can hold. I personally feel that our troops need our support and whomever I elect in to office needs to feel as strongly as I do. It is also important to me that they support foreign trade without increasing the debt of our country. Also to agree and to continue our Nato agreements as long as they are in the best interest of the United States. Integrity shows a candidates strengths to stand strong to his morals. I need to elect somebody who I feel is trustworthy. A strong moral character to me is shown by the support and contribution to all charitable and homeless organizations. Poverty is a very large problem in the United States and it will need a candidate to take it on aggressively. Having high integrity is perhaps the most difficult quality to achieve or even come by, but once it is achieved or even recognized it is the most satisfying feeling. In conclusion, there are many different personalities, character traits, beliefs, and achievements one must possess to uphold such an honored, desired, empowered and well
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