Pros And Cons Of Two Party System

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"Title: The Federalist No. 10 Author: James Madison Time: November 22, 1787 Short Summary:. The Articles of Confederation did not effectively control and reduce the negative effects of factions on the nation, and thus a new government was necessary. The government laid out in the Constitution was ideal because it was a republic, a representative government that would prevent self-interested passions from holding too much sway over the government. It was also large, containing representatives from every state and many different interest groups, making it difficult for one group to dominate and suppress the others. Representatives would be elected by a large body of people, helping to ensure that only the most worthy would hold office. Finally, laws were passed by the whole nation, making it difficult for problems in one state to infiltrate and affect others. Under one centralized representative government, a…show more content…
One of the most pressing requirements of contemporary politics is for the party in power to furnish a general kind of direction over the government as a whole. The choices provided by the two-party system are valuable to the American people in proportion to their definition in terms of public policy. An effective party system requires, first, that the parties are able to bring forth programs to which they commit themselves and, second, that the parties possess sufficient internal cohesion to carry out these programs. Orientation of the American two-party system along the lines of meaningful national programs. . . is a way of keeping differences within bounds. It is a way of reinforcing the constitutional framework within which the voter may without peril exercise his freedom of political
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