How Well Was the American Constitution Designed to Meet the Problems Faced After the War of Independence

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How well was the American Constitution designed to meet the problems faced by the USA after 1783? The American constitution was designed by the founding fathers to maintain the liberty of man, to preclude the possibility of tyranny and to strengthen the central government. The big issue confronting the USA was the growth of national unity amongst the states. Though the war of independence had a powerfully nationalising effect, the articles of confederation provided only a weak central government. This weak government had little legitimate authority and state sovereignty heavily outweighed the decisions made by the confederation. It was this state sovereignty that also greatly hampered the US economy as the states all had differing interests and hence the economy didn’t work well as there was no one government controlling it. There was therefore a great threat that the confederation would break up because of all the problems faced by the powerless confederation. The constitution therefore was the Americans’ way of dealing with these problems. Thanks to the constitution’s amendable nature it has lasted the past 200 years and is still the backbone of the American nation. It was also A major issue that needed to be resolved by the constitution was the state’s ability to easily undermine congress. The balance of power was still very much within the hands of the states. The states ran their own trade, finances and economic policy and America was still very much a collection of states united through war rather than a working and cooperative country. Therefore in terms of foreign affairs, congress was hardly in a strong position to negotiate with other countries. For example, congress confronted Britain about clinging onto the frontier posts of the south as a result breaking her promise of the treaty of Paris where she stated she would leave American soil ‘with all
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