What Does It Mean to Be a Woman?

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There are quite a few things in culture today and throughout the past that play a part to what it means to be a woman. A lot of these things affect the way we see ourselves as women. Where do you think these types of behaviours start? Do you think women are influenced from a young age to think and feel the way they do when they grow up? What does it mean to be a woman? Where does it all originate? Prior to the 18th century women had no equality they had to combat social and cultural inequalities .Soon after feminism started to take root and in today’s world women see themselves on par with men. However they still identify themselves by the role they fulfil. If you ask a woman the question “who are you?’ immediately the response would be mother, sister, wife, grandmother or they give their professional title. A huge number of them have shifted roles, from being housewives and looking after their children to being active in the work force and government. In today’s culture being a woman means being advantaged. There is a trend in women taking over the global workplace, and more employers are hiring more women. However they face the challenge and constant pressure to perform in all areas of their life whilst balancing domestic and corporate lives. This gives rise to the issue of being drained and burned out. Although women in the developed world have been blessed with more equal opportunities after generations of unfair inferiority, the pressure put on a society's women to be perfect at whatever they are expected to do is huge. Even with the enormous developments that have been made over decades, women must still constantly fight for the right to create their own identities, no matter where they're from or what they believe in. They strive to be like their precedents and in the bargain lose their self-identity. If they cannot match the pre-set standards, they feel
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