Changing Roles Of Women In Early World History

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How Women's Lives, Roles and Status Varied and Changed in Early World History Ausha Johnson HIS103: World Civilizations I (ACF1226A) Scott Shepard July 23, 2012 How Women's Lives, Roles and Status Varied and Changed in Early World History Throughout history, Women have always played important roles in the society of their time. The lives and the roles of women in the society have been in a constant state of evolution. The Changing roles of women in society through the years have led to a transformation in the view of the role of women in society. In some ancient times, women were completely controlled by their men and the society was highly patriarchal (Jones & Domenico, 2006). The evolution…show more content…
These movements started to challenge the thinking of the society about the role and the lives of women in society. In a gradual process, the women's movements made the society starting viewing women as equals. Women also began to have increased freedoms in choosing their own husbands (Helgren & Collen, 2010). The wide availability of contraception also allowed women the right to decide on the extent of the family. Marriage started to be viewed as a union of two equal people seeking love, happiness and stability in the 19th century. The women's rights movements of the 19th century were responsible for changing society's attitudes towards women. The change in the role of women in the society came from an acknowledgment of the voice about the condition of women in the society (Helgren & Collen, 2010). The social and political movements in the French and the American Revolution also made women realize how a change from collective points of view could result in radical changes. Women's roles began changing drastically after a greater emphasis was made to change the traditional bound functions of women. Women began to articulate the importance of involvement in the social and the political domains that were outside the domains of the gender assigned roles (Jones & Domenico,…show more content…
The number of women participating in previously dominated male fields like engineering, construction, and other menial jobs has greatly increased. Women are also increasingly assuming leadership roles in the government and business (Helgren & Collen, 2010). The numbers of the families headed by females have also increased considerably due to high levels of divorce, separation and singlehood choice by women in the 21st century. Career aspirations for women nowadays are not highly influenced by family or societal expectations. Women’s level of education has also increased considerably than any other era in history. In most countries, education levels are almost the same for men and women (Karen, 2001). The societal attitudes to women have also changed significantly in the 21st century. Many societies in the world have also changed their perceptions of the role and the value of women in society. The idea of women working has become more acceptable, and the society is increasingly accepting the role of women as an equal partner in the marriage institution (Jones & Domenico,

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