What Art Means to Me

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To me, art is an important part of my life as a student. In the twelve years that I’ve gone to school (thirteen including kindergarten), I’ve been to nine different schools in seven different states and two countries. Luckily all of the schools I’ve been to have had art programs in which I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of. I take art classes for various reasons, the first being that in art class there really isn’t a desk to sit in. I don’t feel so contained or stuffy in art class. The students are almost always easy to get along with because they’re relaxed and creatively expressing themselves while they’re in class. The teachers are easy to relate to and have suggestions that are not always critical to the end product of the student’s work like they are in math, science, and reading. I also take art classes to develop my existing skills in art as well as work on new ones. So far for all four years of high school, I’ve made it a goal to learn a style of art or an artistic skill that I’ve never known before. For these four years, my goal has been met. Finally the most important reason I take art classes is because my parents have always been proud of the paintings, drawings, sculptures, and other pieces that I would bring home each year. I strive to make my parents proud of me. Art is important to me because it is so personal. Art is when artists express themselves through various means to convey a message to the viewer however, art does not have to be visual to be completely art; for example, music is a form of art. Art is also important because it teaches various life skills such as observation, patience, critical thinking, determination, and dedication. One cannot finish a project without patience, determination, and dedication to finish the project. Art deals with personal feelings
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