Audrey Flack: A Phenomenal Photorealistic Artist

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An artist born in the early years of 1931, Audrey Flack, known for being a phenomenal photorealistic painter, sculptor and printmaker made history with her beautiful art pieces. As a young painter she worked with mainly abstract art. She then grew up to be one of many photorealistic artists in the United States. She grew to be emotionally connected and had a true commitment to all of her artwork. She stayed close to her family most of her career, attending a high school in New York where she was born and raised. Audrey Flack’s early years were spent in a few different colleges such as New York University, Yale, and Cooper Union. She had her mind set on one goal, and that was to learn about art, and all of the different views people have…show more content…
She began to create things by randomizing her ideas and simply putting her imagination on a piece of paper. She used old and modern photographs to influence her paintings. She was interested in the idea of countless types of colors and details in her paintings. Audrey was a woman who not only had goals in life, but she also had a mind to make her believe she could achieve every single one of those goals. As her career went on she accomplished more than she had ever wanted to in her life. She was amazed in how much her paintings had an impact on other people. Also, through the tough times when she had little doubt in herself she quoted, “I was not treated differently as a woman or as a student, but many artists, students, and visitors, could relate to me only as a woman.” Audrey Flack’s paintings still live on to this day in many Art Institutes, and Art museums throughout the world. She encouraged people to come out of their comfort zones with things and then they would come to realize how good of an outcome they would have in order to be successful. She made a point that painting is not just something you do, it’s something you live and something you have to put your heart and mind into in order to accomplish

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