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Lucy Ho Dr. Pearman ENGL 1301- course 039 21 September 2012 Discourse Community- Art Club in High school As part of our homework last week in ENGL 1301, we were told to read in the First Year Writing: Perspectives on Argument book in order to maximize our understanding about the importance of mastering rhetorical skills in our writing at a college level. And by having a clear understanding of the three appeals: Logos, Ethos, and Pathos, as writers or speakers, we can move our audiences in a direction that is suitable for us to accomplish our purposes or to justify our claim on a certain subject that…show more content…
And as a member of a discourse community we are required to follow others suggestions and share the same body of knowledge as they do in order for us to comprehend why the groups object on certain issues and approve on certain issues. As a member of an art club, I know that I have to accept any art critics being thrown at me, and respect other people’s criticisms that are not in art club. I also have to demonstrate my art skills and my creative imaginations wholeheartedly in each of my art pieces that I submit for peer review and to teachers for them to acknowledge my art pieces. By doing so, I can proudly say that I am part of an art club community, but also to show that I can influence other members in the community such as my art teachers or art classmates by convincing them why I deserve to be in their…show more content…
The art events are selective because I am not the only contestants but there are hundreds of people coming from other schools to represent their schools in the events and there are other art members in my school who also got selected to join with me in the competition. In where, I must go through an intense interviews to convince the judge that I deserve a “superior” for both of my art works. But first of all I must encourage all of the other art members by wishing them good luck in order to show our sense of unity, and I must learn to appeal to the emotions when I talk about how I come up of the idea for my art work in front of the judge to be able to convince him why my art work deserve a superior. Based off the competition, to win the event is easier said than done because I am not guaranteed that my art would get chosen. However, I hold on to the hope that even if I don’t do well, other art members may get in. Because, I hold on to the belief that as a whole group we can make it through, by having great team work there is nothing that we cannot

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