The Scarlett Letter Example Assignment

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he Students • This novel uses archaic language, but once you get used to the language you will see the beauty of the story and the language. Have a dictionary handy. You may skip the introduction, “The Custom House.” • Your summer assignment will be graded for content, sentence formation, style, usage, and mechanics. • Your assignment MUST BE TYPED. Please use Times New Roman, 12 pt. for the font. • The summer assignment is a test grade. Failure to complete the summer assignment will severely damage your first 9 weeks grade. • Create an MLA-style cover page for your summer assignment that includes your name, my name, the assignment (The Scarlet Letter Summer Assignment), the class (AP English Language) and date of the first day of school in MLA format (Example: 17 Aug. 2011). • Make sure each section of the summer assignment is separate and identifiable. • If I find that you have been a participant in any plagiaristic activity, you will receive a zero. • If you use outside help for analyzing, you must document your sources. • You will submit your reading log to, so make sure you save your work. A backup save is also helpful. I’ll give you the code and password the first day of school. • You will turn in a hard copy of your summer assignment. • A copy of the summer assignment and rubric WILL BE posted on the MHS website, * Your summer assignment is due the first day of school. To ensure success, please follow the steps and directions below. 1. Read The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Copies are available for check-out in Ms. Waddell’s room. A comprehensive exam about the novel will be given the first day we have a regular schedule of classes. 2. Complete your Reading Log in a Word document. You will have 9 journal entries to complete.

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