Western Roman Empire Essay

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Take-home Essay- two Objective: Given their importance in the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, What made the Germans so successful? Consider their motives for wanting to invade the Empire, the organization of their society, and their value system. Secondly, of all the Germans, perhaps the Carolingians were the most successful. Trace the rise of the Carolingian dynasty from the mere Mayors of the palace to the kingships of Pepin and the Short and Charlemagne. What gave this family such a competitive edge? The collapse of the Roman Empire was an important turning point in history. The Western part of the Roman Empire was not as rich, and as organized as the Eastern half of the Roman Empire. The “Western Emperors were less competent then their eastern colleagues.” (Pg: 26). The Economy of the Western Empire was also very weak. The Germans (known as the barbarians) were successful when the moved in to the…show more content…
There are many factors that contribute to its decline. Some of these factors include “unfavorable climatic changes, overreliance on slavery, the otherworldliness of Christianity, sexual orgies, bad ecological habits, and even lead poisoning” (pg 25-26). There are no specific causes that explain the decline of imperial power in the West, however political, military, and socioeconomic troubles seem to be key factors in its decline. Eventually the barbarians became preservers of the Western Empire, manning its armies, defending its frontiers, and admiring its achievements (pg 26). In times where strong leadership was needed Western emperors did not match their Eastern colleagues. “For example Valentinian III (r. 425- 455) came to the throne as a child, left most decision making to his mother, Galla Placidia, and soon after her death in 450 promptly murdered his best general and got himself murdered in return” (pg
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