The Decline Of Roman, Han And Gupta Empires

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The Decline of Roman, Han and Gupta Empires The Roman and Han empires declined mainly because of internal problems within the state and epidemic diseases, while the Gupta’s were mainly affected by invasions. Internal problems within the Roman and Han empires one of the main reasons the decline. The Roman and Han were effected by large- scale outbreaks of epidemic diseases that really affected the population of the empires. The Gupta Empire was mainly declined by the invasions by the White Huns then the diseases or internal problems. One of the causes of the decline of the Roman and Han Empire is the internal problems within the state. The problem in the Han Empire involved the development of fractions within the ranks of the ruling elites. That led to backstabbing among the ruling elites which in turn reduced the effectiveness of the central government. Like the Han, the Roman Empire emperors faced internal opposition. One of the problems was that there was fewer that twenty- six claimants to the imperial throne, known as the “barracks emperors.” Generals was mainly who seized power, held it briefly, and then suddenly lost it between rivals. Not only did they face the barracks emperors but also because of there sheer size as an empire. When Constantine ruled population declined and the economy contracted which emperors found it difficult to handle and protect the Roman Empire. As for the Gupta Empire internal problems was not an affect to the decline of the empire. Epidemic diseases were the cause of decline in Roman and Han empires, but wasn’t an affect to the Gupta Empire. They suffered large-scale out breaks of epidemic diseases, such as smallpox and measles, and epidemics of bubonic plague may have erupted. This was really devastating for the empires because they didn’t have medicine, immunities, resistance to combat them. This declined the Roman
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