To What Extent Was the Financial Position of the Crown Improved During the Reign of Henry Vii?

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It is clearly evident that during Henry's reign the financial position of the crown was improved. Henry's sourcing of income was was carried out with zeal and efficiency such as his exploitation of trade, sales of offices and bonds and recognisances. Additionally, in the first ten years of his reign he was an expert in dealing and understanding finances and his increased use of the chamber system lead to an efficient institution of financial administration thus Improving the financial position of the crown. However, although it has often been viewed that Henry was a man who gathered up money but spent as little as possible this view is questionable. In fact, Henry often carried out high levels of unnecessary expenditure, for example after 1491 he spent £300,000 on plate and Jewels. So in truth Henry raised money and spent money on a large scale and therefore the financial position of the crown was not improved in this case. Additionally, Henry's improvement of his financial position compared to that of his predecessors can be greatly exaggerated by some historians. Edward IV had efficiently restored royal finances after Henry VI's reign and therefore when Henry VII usurped the throne the finances of the crown were already relatively stable. Additionally, Henry's grasping nature was particularly unpopular among those expected to pay him and this stirred opposition making it difficult for Henry to collect revenues and improve financial stability. Henry took a particular interest in his finances and in the first two years of his reign Henry abandoned the Yorkist practice of using the chamber and instead decided to resume with the exchequer to take control of royal finances. However, by 1487 it was evident that this had been a major mistake. Due to Henry focusing on in hi security he neglected other important aspects of the crown like his estates. In Edward's reign

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