West Jet Case Study

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Case Project Assignment Westjet is a company that has been recognized for its strong corporate culture. Several issues have been facing the organization in the past few years that may or may not pose a threat to the culture including: • An agreement to pay $15.5 million to settle accusations of corporate spying • Extensive turnover among the top management team, including many of the co-founders • Difficulty finding enough new employees to hire that match the culture well • Negotiating a partnership with Southwest Airlines • Drastic change in the cost structure of jet fuel Your group should research the background of these potential threats and any other necessary information about the company using the various search tools available to you through the UBC library, diagnose them from an Organizational Behaviour perspective, and recommend a plan going forward to preserve the organizational culture as a competitive advantage. You should specifically answer these questions: • What insights do the theories of Organizational Behaviour provide in understanding these threats? • What possible solutions could help maintain their corporate culture in light of these threats? • Which solution do you recommend? Why? • How would you recommend implementing your plan? • How do you justify your implementation plan? • What potential difficulties might such an implementation face? The team at the library has put together some resources for you to help start your search for information: WestJet Library resources Your team will be evaluated as follows: • Verbal presentation (25 points) - Your instructor will give you further details about the exact date and format of your presentation. A maximum of 25 points will be allocated as follows: Creativity (7), Professionalism (5), Organization and Clarity of Presentation (7), Team "Presence" (6). • Written

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