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What Are the Stakes When You Play with Wal-Mart? In resolving an ethical dilemma, you have to choose between two or more opposing alternatives, both of which, while acceptable, are important to different groups. Both alternatives may be ethically legitimate, but you can act in the interest of only one group. This project is designed to help you learn how to analyze and resolve ethical dilemmas in a business context. You’ll work in teams of 5 people in a group (max. 5 groups), to address three ethical dilemmas involving Wal-Mart, the world’s largest company. Before meeting as a group, every team member should go to theBusinessWeek Web site ( and read “Is Wal-Mart Too Powerful?” The article discusses Wal-Mart’s industry dominance and advances arguments for why the company is both admired and criticized. Your team should then get together to: 1. Define the problem and collect the relevant facts. 2. Identify feasible options. 3. Assess the effect of each option on stakeholders. 4. Select the best option based on the established criteria. Finally, prepare a powerpoint presentation , making sure that the presentation contains: * A summary of the information collected * The team’s recommendation for resolving the dilemma * An explanation of the team’s recommendation The team is required to submit a copy of the presentation slides and do a 15-20 minutes group presentation on the 7th of April. All 5 groups must complete presentation on the said date. Therefore, time management is very

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