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Wendell Johnson Changes the Face of Speech Pathology: Impact of Wendell Jonson Leeza Floyd HSP3U Mrs. Lynn 2014/08/09 Background Mr. Wendell Johnson was born in Kansas on April 16, 1906. From the moment he was able to talk, he was known to stutter. Johnson started to obsess over his stutter at a very young age. Since he learned that he had a speech problem, Wendell Johnson subjected himself to literature. He graduated his high school as the valedictorian and graduated with high honours. Through Wendell Johnsons life, he had always focused on the connection between the brain and the ability to speak. This obsession led him to graduate with masters in psychology. Most known for his Monster Study (an experiment on 22 orphan children)…show more content…
The Monster Study caused this. Wendell Johnson knew he needed a speech pathologist so he became one. With this being said, Mr. Johnson worked in psychology because speech pathology was not considered a type of psychology in those times. Key Experiments The most well-known experiment conducted by Mr. Wendell Johnson was the Monster Study. This experiment took 22 orphaned children some with stutter problems and some without. This study was made with a thesis that states “If stuttering is learned behavior, it can be unlearned.” (Gretchen Reynolds, 2003, mytimes.com). By using this thesis to build an experiment, the children were broken into groups and some were told that there stutter was not as bad as they thought while the remaining children were told that their stutter (which was not existent) was a lot worse than the scientists had expected. Within a months’ time. the children who were told that their stutter was worse became inconsistent with their speech. They became quieter, less talkative and some even refused to speak. The others became more vocal, less worried about their speech problems and they improved greatly. This experiment lasted 5 months of observation. When the time came to collect the final data, it was revealed that stuttering was a learnt behavior. By doing this study, many people were affected. The University of Iowa is being sued by the remaining orphans that lived due to the mental damage that Wendell put them in. Wendell’s study made some of the children to never speak again or continuously think about how society will perceive their speaking
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