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Hotel Rwanda Word Count: 1060 words Discuss the Issue of Hotel Rwanda There are several issues of knowledge such as history, culture, belief, ethics, truth and explanation. They also contain the ways of knowing, such as emotion, perception and reason. They are all involved in the movie in one way or another. History and culture is covered in the movie by the fact that we knkow the things that are in the movies really did happen. Also we know the cause that led the two different groups in conflicts. The cause was that in the beginning they were still occupied by the Belgium, the Belgium made the different classes between the local people. They divided them between the higher classes (the elite) and the lower class. They are differentiated by their nose sizes, their skin darkness and many more stupid reasons. From this they grow up in this culture of differences. Thus when the Belgium left, the Hutus (the lower class) took revenge on the Tutsi (the elite) and stated a genocide massacre. They did not like the fact that their culture creates differences and how the Hutus were treated badly during the colonization time. This culture may have been built strongly inside each person by the authorities of the individuals. Their peer-pressure, such as friends, parents and may even be teachers in their school. The bad history that they've experienced was the reason why they had such belief planted in their mind. They believed that the Tutsi made use of the Hutus and now it is the time for the Hutus to do genocide of the Tutsis. These things thus affected the people's view on the truth and explanations for it. Even if the Hutus are exposed to the real truth hat the things that they are doing are inhumane, they will still will not listen to the explanation and take the truth in a different spin. The truth was that the two groups were no different from each other.

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