Week 1 Hcs 475 - Implementing Change Paper

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Implementing Change Paper HCS 475 Ingrid Kearney Shawn Matheson June 23, 2014 Implementing change in an organization is complicated. It is important that a manager understands their role and responsibilities for which could very well be the success or failure of an organization. A manager should know how to handle staff resistance, and the areas that require change. There are processes that help management with assisting their staff members with adjusting to change and concentrate on the areas of importance. This process includes planning, assessment, implementation, and evaluation. The difference between a failed organization and a successful manager is when the manager has the ability to implement change with little disruption to their staff members. There are three different categories that a manager needs to be aware of in any organization when implementing change. Change in people is first; how implementing change and how people relate to each other effects how an organization functions effectively. The manager needs to be able to communicate to the staff why the change needs to take place in the organization. “In order for the change to be successful the explanation should be detailed enough that staff members feel encouraged making a personal investment” (Ezine). The management team needs to be aware of an area of weakness that can occur, that being a manager seeing the big picture and the goals that you may be trying obtain and will benefit the organization certainly does not mean that others can see your vision as well. A manager needs to get their staff members to see the same big picture and have a clear understanding of how this change will benefit not only the organization but them as well. If people are included in the change and it benefits them personally than they respond positively and with enthusiasm.
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