Was the Reichstag Fire the Main Reason Why Hitler Was Able to Establish a Dictatorship

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There were a number of reasons why Hitler was able to establish a dictatorship in Germany by 1934. These reasons varied in their importance and can be divided into four categories: the Reichstag fire, the enabling act, night of the long knives and the banning of the trade unions Hitler used these factors to his advantage which soon enough lead him to consolidate his power and create a dictatorship in Germany by 1934. One factor that attributed to Hitler establishing a dictatorship was the Reichstag Fire. The Reichstag building was destroyed by a huge fire on the 27th of feburary 1933 which was caused by a Dutch communist supporter called van der Lubbe . Van der Lubbe was caught at the site of the fire with matches and firelighters. He was put on trial and was then executed after being found guilty of doing it. Hitler and Goebbels used this opportunity to plan an attack against the communists and exploit them. This lead to the enabling bill (decree for the protection of people and state) which allowed Hitler to declare a state of emergency as he convinced Hindenburg that Van der Lubbe was part of a communist conspiracy against the government . In my opinion the Reichstag fire was one of the most important underlying factor that helped Hitler establish a dictatorship as it allowed Hitler to end communism and remove most of his opposition and therefore increasing the amount of votes on election day in his favour. The fire set off a chain of events which helped Hitler gaining power in his favour. Without the Reichstag fire the enabling act would not have passed which was another significant factor that contributed to him establishing a dictatorship The enabling act was another contributing factor that created a dictatorship in Germany. The act would give Hitler the power to pass laws without going through the Reichstag or the president. In order to achieve this
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