Was the Reichstag Fire the Main Reason Why Hitler Was Able to Establish a Dictatorship in Germany by 1934? Explain (16 Marks)

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On its own the Reichstag fire was a very significant event yielding important consequences for the succession to Hitler’s iron fist but in hindsight it was one event in a crowed year and the proceedings that followed only enforced further something that the fire could never have done on its own. On the 27th of February 1933 a blaze was seen towering over Berlin as the symbol of democracy was ironically sentenced to demise without trial. It was “supposedly” set a light by a communist ‘Van De Lubbe’ but was more widely believed to be a Nazi ploy. I believe that this was the most important event on the road to totalitarianism because after the great depression in 1929 Hitler and the NSDAP were not the only ones doing well. Communists or the KDP also saw the opportunity that Hitler saw but with the democracy on its way out there was only room for one government, and Hitler new this. The ploy had so many advantages to Hitler that it would be hard to see how Hitler could not have been involved. This one event allowed him too effectively dishevel his main adversary, the foremost blockade that stopped Hitler’s dictatorship. How he went about “blaming” the communist for the event and thus eliminating them, was also a catalyst for all the events to come. By convincing Hindenburg that there was a large communist threat the country was put into a state of emergency and, with Hindenburg’s backing, Hitler was allowed to pass decrees to govern Germany anyway he liked, with the financial backing of krupp and bosch etc, which in this case is fortunate for the question at hand. Consequently this is why I believe it was the most important event to dictatorship because it was the “spark” that allowed any other event to happen and without it democracy may have just struggled on. One of these events was the election in 1933. Now Hitler had the power to convince Hindenburg to allow him
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