Was Mary Tudor Likely to Be Successful at Making England Catholic Again?

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Mary Tudor was born on 18 March 1496 she was queen for 5 years between (1553-1558) and died on 25 June 1533 Mary was a very strict because Mary could make England catholic again because most people preferred the catholic ways because the churches had colour, pictures, bell as well as statues of Virgin Mary. Also Mary had the support of lots of kings and queens in Europe, who were also catholic, particularly Spain this showed that if Mary was to bring England catholic countries would support her. Marys violent tactics would frighten people into doing what she said so if people did not listen and they would not became catholic instead they want to stay protestant she could execute them. When Edward died Protestants tried to replace Mary but failed this means Mary was throne enough to stay on the throne and people supported he. England was only protestant for six years but catholic for centuries this showed people loved the way catholic life was and they wanted to carry it on. Mary additional took lady Jane greys position of queen Mary cold do this because many people believed that Jane stole the place of Mary and so they believed that Mary was the right queen therefore lady Jane grey was beheaded she was only queen for nine days. Mary could not make England catholiaic again because killing her enemies would make unpopular she was hated in the London area where many of the burning Mary would kill her enemies because they did not choose to turn catholic so she would kill her enemies if they stayed catholic. Mary was 37, unmarried and has no children this was because she said to her country that she was married. Protestants were prepared to die as martyrs, rather than became catholic this was because they believed to stay truthful Also Mary could not make England
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