Was Mary Tudor Likely to Be Successful at Making England Catholic Again?

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Was Mary Tudor Likely To Be Successful at Making England Catholic Again? Mary Tudor was the first born of Henry VIII and Henry’s first wife, Catherine of Aragon on the 18th February 1516, in Greenwich Palace. Mary Tudor was raised as devout catholic, and experienced a first-class education, being an only child. In 1553, the death of Mary’s half-brother Edward VI had approached her, and she was expected to be the next reigning monarch. But unexpectedly it wrote that Lady Jane grey, (who was a protestant) should perform as the next queen in Edward’s will. But this wasn’t too bad, as, Lady Jane Grey only achieved to stay queen for 9 days, because people of England protested for Mary to Reign. This came true on 19th July 1553 when Mary was proclaimed queen at St Pauls Cathedral and coroneted on 1st October 1553 at Westminster Abbey’s. Mary achieved to undertake her duty as queen of England for 5 years. But as Mary was very strict and punctual catholic; she had the duty of transferring England into a Roman Catholic country, as England was left protestant by Lady Jane Grey. But this job came with its struggles, as Mary tried to accomplish this, which will be pointed out in this essay. Mary took on much advantage, trying to transfer England back to a Catholic country, which improved her. Hence by her nickname ‘Bloody Mary’. Mary was called this for a reason, as Mary ascertained that all Protestants of England who declined to become a Catholic were killed. But Mary made sure that they went through pain, and made them go through a harsh and brutal death, which was by burning them alive at the stake near the South-East of London. Horrifically, between the period of 1555-1558, Mary had 284 Protestants burned, including Thomas Cranmer, who was the Archbishop of Canterbury at the time, as had given Henry VIII a divorce form Mary’s mother, Catherine of Aragon. People of London

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