Henry and His 6 Wives Play Script

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nry anHenry and His Six Wives Script Narrator: Good moning Mrs. Jacinta and my fellow friends. Today, my group and I will be presenting to you the play on Henry and his six wives. It all started when Henry was 18 and was going to get married. In 1509, Henry married a Spanish princess called Catherine of Aragon. *Henry and Catherine of Aragon walk in* Priest: I now pronounce you husband and wife. *ring bearer comes out with the rings, and henry puts it on Catherine* Pope: You may now kiss the bride!!! *pretends to kiss xxxxx* Finally, Catherine gave birth to her child! Henry was hoping for their child to be a son so hopefully he can take over the throne. *Henry and Catherine sit’s in the middle and pretends to be chatting lovingly* But unfortunately….. *Amy walks in with the baby * Their child was a girl. Due to Henry’s eagerness of wanting a boy, he divorced Catherine in order to marry another wife. Catherine: Aww isn’t she lovely? Let’s name her Mary, honey! Henry : No, I am divorcing you this instant! I need a male air to the throne! No way can a female rule this country, No no no ! *stomps out Catherine : Noo but pleaseee forgive me!!!!! *walks away sadlyHenry: No! This is just not right! I am divorcing you this instant! I need a male heir to the throne! No way can a woman rule this country, No no no! *Henry stomps out* Catherine: No but please forgive me!!!!* walks out sobbing sadly Henry wanted to divorce Catherine but the Pope in Rome disagrees. So Henry separated from Rome and made his own Church of England. He made Protestantism the official religion of England and gave up on Catholicism. After divorcing Catherine, Henry married Anne Boleyn, who became pregnant and soon gave birth to a girl which they named Elizabeth. Henry was disappointed it was not a male but decided not to do anything. After some time,
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