What Caused Catholic Anger Up to 1968?

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What caused Catholic anger up to 1968? Coupled with old grievances such as the Potato Famine, there were many incidents that raised Catholic anger towards the rest of Ireland. Catholics, especially in Northern Ireland, were constantly discriminated to the rest of the population, which were Protestant. No matter where the Catholics went, they were always singled out in one way or another and could be considered as not being able to live their lives to their fullest. This statement, naturally would anger any Catholic, especially if they were relentlessly worried about not being able to get a job or a house for their family. After the opening of the Northern Ireland parliament, many of the Unionists MP’s wanted to ensure that their control over the six counties would be permanent and could not be challenged. Thus, the RUC and B specials were created. As discrimination was put into gear, many Catholics could not enter the police force therefore creating an atmosphere were mainly Protestants were in control. This was seen as very bad news for the Catholics. Since the RUC always stuck with its traditional pro-unionist role, the police force was feared and hated by the Catholic people. This of course, angered many Catholics as they felt that they could not rely on such a corrupt service that basically hated them, but despite this, was supposed to be there to protect them. During the 1960’s, Catholic employment tended towards the lower end of the job market and they were employed mainly in unskilled and lower paying jobs such as, factory workers and clothing manufacturers. Of course, the Protestants on the other hand had relatively higher paying jobs for example, engineering and shipbuilding. Fundamentally, the more the industry paid and the more regular the work, the fewer Catholics it tended to employ. There was thus a higher proportion of Catholics living in
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