Compare These Sources as Evidence for the Treatment of Religious Opponents: Essay

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COMPARE THESE SOURCES AS EVIDENCE FOR THE TREATMENT OF RELIGIOUS OPPONENTS: Both sources A and E agree that the treatment of religious opponents was extremely harsh and that the punishment was execution by burning at the stake. Source A states ‘The friar was justly condemned to be burnt at the stake’, this is the same treatment as Anne Askew received in source A, she wrote ‘Then the Bishop said i should be burnt’. However source A is made more unreliable as it was written in 1548, this was during the time period Edward VI was in power. As a result of Edward being a strong Protestant it would cause the writer of source A - Edward Hall - to portray Protestantism in a positive light, he would not go against Edwards views or write something he would disapprove of as he would risk jeopardizing his own position, this makes it less likely that he would write his true opinion or viewpoint on the situation so the source is less reliable. Source E was written by an extremely devoted Protestant woman who was about to be burnt as a heretic. This makes the source less reliable as she would want to portray the Catholic people who were condemning her in a bad light and she would also want to strengthen her own cause and look more devoted which may have caused her to change or exaggerate situations, for example the fact that she lay still and didn't cry while being tortured on the rack. Another similarity between the sources is that they were both given a chance to repent for their heresy. In source A it says when referring to John Forrest that ‘he obstinately refused to repent.’ In source E she is given a chance to change her opinion when asked ‘if the sacrament contains the body and blood of christ.’ However in source A it says ‘the unique case’, this decreases the sources usefulness of the treatment of all religious opponents in general as it is subjective to one special

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