How Was Elizabeth Successful as Queen

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How successful was Elizabeth as Queen of England? Elizabeth reigned for 45 years (1558-1603) that is even longer then her father, Henry VII. She faced many problems, but in the end she made England a stable and wealthier country. Was Elizabeth a bad queen or was she a successful Queen. I think Elizabeth was a very successful Queen, but on the other hand she did cause disagreement and executed lots of Catholic e.c.t. Elizabeth could be as ruthless and calculating as any King before her. One of the problems Elizabeth faced was religion and I think she managed it well I think this because she made all of the churches a mixture. Elizabeth was a Protestant and her mother was a Protestant so I would thought that she would of made all the churches, Protestant, but she was good queen and managed the religion well. She kept the Monarch as the Governor of the church not the Pope which is Protestant, I believe this is a good idea because the Protestants will still think she is a true Protestant and she will be popular with them. On the other hand the Catholics would not be happy with this idea because the Monarch is Protestant; also they may start to hate Elizabeth. As well as Bishops ran the church and an English bible, prayer book was used which are both Protestant. But she kept the candles and crucifixes in the church; this meant that the Catholics actually felt a part of the church and would of felt welcomed to enter. The middle policy won lots of support, she said, ‘I will not make a window into men’s souls, there is only one Jesus Christ, and all else is a dispute over trifles.’ This decision was so important to her and England because if she would of chose the wrong choice for example make England Protestant then there would have been a religious war and the Catholics would rebel. Over all I think Elizabeth handled religion the best way she could because she made two
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