Seneca Falls Vs Declaration Of Independence

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some of you might know, the Seneca falls convention was the first official meeting in America that joined together women to discuss “social,civil, and religious condition of women.” This convention was held from July 19 to 20 in the Wesleyan Chapel in Seneca Falls, New York, produced the "Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions," a document modeled on the Declaration of Independence. Both of these documents, the declaration of independe, and the Seneca falls document may seem different but they are very similar. Elizabeth Stanton, an American activist, felt strongly about womens rights and how unfair they were compared to males rights. She constructed the first suffrage for the Sentiments on the Declaration of Independence. This was a huge thing back then because a majority of people did not listen to what women had to say because men were high ranked and more intelligent. Stanton and her group wanted to prove to not only the men but to everyone that womens rights were completely unfair and there needed to be a change. A genius idea came to her and she decided that she would go off of the Declaration of Independence which was written about how Great Britain tried running our country and how they completely took advantage of us. Instead of stating how Britain treated us wrong, she substituted women as the United States and put men in as Great Britain. What the womens Seneca Falls Declaration stated was how women could not own property once they married and how that was completely unfair. It also described how it was against Proper Victorian culture for women to speak in
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