War Of Uganda

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War of Uganda “The Invisible Children” The war of Uganda is one of the world’s longest wars that is still going on today. People call it “The 23 Year War.” This war began in the early 1980’s in of course, the country of Uganda. Many people blame the starting of this war on Alice Lewenka. Alice was convinced that she heard a Holy Spirit tell her to form a resistance against the Ugandan government. To her and her people the government had been treating the Alcholi people wrong and being unjust to them. After Alice died, one of her relatives formed a group called the Kony LRA. The LRA would hunt children and make them their troops. Over 90 percent of the Kony LRA troops were children. They chose children because they were young enough to brainwash and small enough to carry guns into schools. (History Of The War.) Kony’s LRA had an incentive, which was to have their troops go against the government. Sometimes the children did not follow directions so in response they would be punished by being slaughtered, poisoned, hanged or abandoned. The LRA started attacking cities and their civilians. So therefore this caused the government to evacuate the cities. People were moved out of their homes and forced into crowded camps for protection. Due to these attacks the LRA was declared a terrorist association. The outcome of these actions of the LRA led people to starvation, disease and poverty. (Ugandan Civil War) The LRA is very active in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Public and southern Sudan. Kony failed twice to sign the Final Peace Agreement offered to him by the government. The motives of Kony’s LRA have become more violent and horrendous. In the past two years only 900,000 of the 1.8 million displaced civilians have been returned to their homes. The formed a group called “The Internally Displaced Persons.” Also the children that were affected

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