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Jacky Sosa 2nd Block Darfur Genocide: Final Draft One million, one million living and breathing people like us, who are a part of this magnificent world, are tragically enduring the most horrendous, heart-breaking, and sadly, too familiar term people, just like us could ever imagine. Genocide, the systematic extermination of a national, ethnical, racial, or religiously group of people. The unfortunate victim this time? Darfur in West Sudan, Africa. "In recent years, the people of Darfur have been systematically attacked by the Sudanese army and by proxy-militia controlled by them as well. These militia bands are called Janjaweed" (Xavier 4). After many years of neglecting the needs of the Darfurian people and the Darfurians…show more content…
Hopefully, the help from the aids will successfully overcome those problems to save the Darfurians. If the youth around the world take action by donating a little time or money, that could be enough to save the life of another kid, our age, in Darfur. "The final words about the genocide in Darfur have not yet been written. As the war of extermination waged on a so-called racially different land, it constitutes the first major crime against humanity of the twenty-first century. Like the genocides of the past century, it will be notorious principally for its cost in human life" (Perl 25). The people in Darfur aren't that different from people like us. We have the same body functions/needs, they have faith in a higher diety like we do, etc. But most importantly, something that people seem to forget, they're people just like everyone else in the world. The Darfurians, targeted and attacked by their own neglectful government, entire villages burned and obliterated, men savagely murdered, women visciously raped, and children, unmercifully and sadly, meeting their forced ends as well. No one should ever go through this, nobody. Is it really that hard to

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