Darfur Genocide

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The genocide of Darfur is regarded as the only genocide of the 21st century. The genocide started in 2003 and since then has claimed over 400,000 lives and displaced over two million. The Sudanese government supported an Arab militia group called the Janjaweed who began the process of ethnic cleansing on the civilians of Darfur. This is included starvation, rape, and murder. The intent of this was to eradicate an entire people. The whole situation started from segregation of Sudan, the greed of the North, and lasted because of conflicting viewpoints. Though many factors and turn of events led to this event, radical Islamic ideologies, pan-Arabism, and pan-Africanism played the biggest role. The conflict in Sudan has roots back to when the…show more content…
A civil war broke out between the North and South from 1955-1972 which was started by rebels in the South practicing guerilla warfare. This however would not be the last civil war in Sudan. In 1983 another civil war broke out after the government attempted to establish Islamic Law. This basically means that the laws of Sudan will resemble the moral code of Islam and religious commandments from the Quran in all forms. The South didn’t agree with this and revolted. The idea of instituting Islamic law and having the national language Arabic is part of the idea of pan-Arabism. The North wanted to spread the idea of Islam and make Sudan an entirely Arab…show more content…
This is the ideology that you must convert people to Islam no matter what the tactic is. These tactics often resort to violence. But the North did not carry out any attempt at ethnic cleansing until the Sudan Liberation Army (SLA) and Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) rebelled and carried out an attack. The attack gave the Sudanese government motive. The Sudanese government had a lot of resources and weapons and supported the militia group called the Janjaweed. In 2003 the Janjaweed started crimes against humanity by killing hundreds of mostly non Arabic people in Darfur every day. The Janjaweed would leave streets bloody, rape, torture, and drive away millions of people from their

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