The Genocide In Darfur (Sudan)

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Genocide in Darfur (Region of Sudan) The genocide in Darfur has changed the lives of everyone in Sudan. Discrimination has pushed people out of their homes and put distress on all involved. The United Nations and other groups try to send aid, but certain matters keep interfering. Darfur’s numerous tribes have led to conflicts with in the region, but since 2003 discrimination against the African farmers has occurred; leaving people starving and homeless and the United Nations trying to help. Generally the geography and the background of the people do have an affect on a country. Sudan is the largest country in Africa surrounded by Libya, Chad and Central African Republic. Due to their location in West Sudan, Darfur faced a strenuous drought…show more content…
The fighting started when the government started their discrimination the Africans in Darfur to help the Arabs. During this time President Omar Bashir took over. Bashir directed campaigns for killing and raping of the Africans. The Sudan Liberation Movement Army and the Justice and Equality took it upon themselves to fight the government in their ways. After they do this, the government brings in a group named the “Janjaweeds.” The Janjaweeds went through Sudan and attacked innocent villages (Genocide in Darfur United). The United Nations approached the government about their actions and they denied almost everything they did. Bashir denied ever having to do with the Janjaweeds taking over Sudan, and he called their genocide nothing but an “ ethnic cleansing (Reeves). The United Nations held conferences with refugees of Sudan, which witnessed government attacks being followed by Janjaweed attacks, proof that the government had some part to do with the Janjaweeds (BBC). Having figured this out the United Nations sent The United Nations Commission of Inquiry to investigate (More). Sudan band aid for areas were he was located to protect Bashir (Genocide in Darfur United). The myriad tragedies have disrupted this country greatly. Through out the time of fighting, the people of Sudan are being hurt greatly and the genocide has affected millions of innocent civilians. Since 2003 there has been death of at least…show more content…
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