Intro To The Holocaust: Darfur Genocide

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Darfur Genocide Daniel Willis Intro to the Holocaust Southern Nazarene University 2/17/15 Darfur Genocide This essay covers chapter 17 of the book “Century of Genocide” by Samuel Totten. Darfur has been at war since 2003 with mass killings, rape and pillaging still going on to this day. Darfur is a region located in west Sudan roughly the size of France. The region is comprised of three separate states, Northern Darfur, Western Darfur and Southern Darfur. Most of the inhabitants of Darfur are self-proclaimed Muslims made up of “black African tribes” and Arab tribes. Sudan in general, is one of the poorest countries in the world. Starvation and dehydration are common and most of the 6 million people that live there barely have enough…show more content…
The ideology that Arabs are a supreme race and their needs and desires come before everyone else, is a driving force behind the Arabs hatred toward the native Darfurians. The Sudan is controlled by Arab leaders. Authoritarianism, nationalism and disenfranchisement of black Africans have all played a part in leading to genocide. The war in Darfur is made up of many different people groups. The victims of the mass murders are comprised of various black African tribes. Though there is some distinction between the tribes and the Janjaweed they are more or less very much the same and both indigenous to the area. They share the same religious beliefs and the only discernible differences are their ideologies and feelings towards one another. Even the distinction between “black African” and “Arab” is somewhat of a grey area as those terms can and have been used to describe both…show more content…
People are still dying and villages are still being destroyed. The question then arises as to “what is being done about it” and “is there being anything done about it?” The current Sudanese government continues to ignore what is going on in Darfur and refuses to take responsibility for its actions. They have not only ignored the problem but disrupt any actions or investigations that are ordered by the international community. There has been a lot of talk among both the international community as well as the United States on what to do about the conflict in Darfur. On April, 2006 the UN Security Council passed sanctions on high ranking members of the Sudanese government accusing them of war crimes against the Darfurian people. The United States also responded by passing sanctions on 31 major Sudanese companies in the hopes of hurting the government economically to have an effect on their ability to continue to oppress the Darfurians. These were only part of small efforts made by the international community that continued to have no effect on the war or the genocide. Still, very few steps have been made by governing bodies to end the violence in Darfur. Most of the support that is received comes from private institutions and private funding. March 4, 2009 brought about the first ever indictment of any active president in history. The International Criminal Court (ICC) indicted Omar

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