Tragic Killers: An Analysis Of Stereotypes

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1) I was 12 years old when I first became aware of an incredible sense of superiority. It began with an extreme fascination of fireworks. The sky would light up in fire and thunder claps would echo throughout the horizon and the minds of the kids that watched them with their stupid mesmerized faces. The idiots, what they saw as a little show I saw as inspiration for power. It would fell so good to harness the power of fire to fell the detonator so comfortably encased in my fingers ready to end anyone’s life in a climactic burst of flames and an incineration of flesh. Everyone deserves to burn. Every single ignorant robot on this filth-ridden planet deserves to be shot up in the sky in a colorful display of incendiary beauty. Humans must…show more content…
The killers were said to be either Goths, Trench coat mafia, jock haters or bullied kids. The first assumption was the involvement of a teen club called the trench coat mafia which was well known for being made fun of by kids because the unusual trench coats the club wore. This assumption was made because the murderers wore trench coats during part of the shootings. Some Goths were a part of the TCM and were often associated with death and violence so they also took some blame. The killers were also thought to be bullied victims or jock haters since this stereotype was also often associated with school shootings. Also when the shooters were killing students they were asked by one girl why they were doing this and the killers responded with “it was because we were bullied last year” which wasn’t true because the killers…show more content…
Is Cullen trying to portray the killers to the audience in an opinioned fashion so they think what the author thinks? Or is Cullen just stating what actually happened. Dave Cullen portrays harris and klebold objectively in nonfiction novel because he makes an effort to state just the facts about the killers with no opinionated bias It is important to note how Cullen first describes Dylan and Klebold in the beginning of the novel. Harris is described to be “on the ultimate high school score board, Eric outscored much of the football team. He was quite the little charmer.” (Cullen 6) Eric was portrayed as the typical highschooler who drank, partied and hit on girls. Cullen is just describing who he was without any extra bias. Klebold was described as not as high on the “scoreboard” as Harris but still enjoyed the same activities with the exception of female interaction. No negative or positive comments were directed from Cullen concerning Dylan. Cullen described the boys as regular

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