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Global Xchange Programme Essay Global Xchange Programme is gaining more social work experience that in the future would be an advantage for working in an International Non Government Organization (NGO). In order to participate in the Global Xchange Programme, I will demonstrate that work in community is not uncommon for me. I used to work as an English teacher for disadvantaged students. I enjoyed it very much. Participating in Global Xchange Programme would bring both my youth and experience as an asset for others. I could bring a positive change to environment I work with. I bring many skills and much experiences that would be valuable for others. Besides my skills in English, leadership skill as English Club president would be advantage for me to handle various problems. I have a very generous and giving nature and want to share all my knowledge what I have. Participating in the ASEAN youth seminar that was held by Indonesia Foreign Department and ASEAN secretariat helped me able to understand regional relationships. The last but not least the experience of being a teacher, both in volunteer work and as a paid professional and the cum laude B.A degree in communications would be the additional value that I wish to be considered. Volunteers are the real engines of change of in the world. I do believe that we could change the world –by tackling global issues–, but to realize it we should change our environment, like ourselves, our family, our friend, our society and etc. Becoming a volunteer might be first stepping stone to implement our hope to give all humans what the basic rights that they should have, education for instance. There is such a great needs for many things, especially teachers today. The people who need them most have little or no resources to pay for the education they need. The world needs those willing to give their time, talents,

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