Rhetorical Situation Letter

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Dear Ms. Jones, My name is Snakeye, I am originally from Burkina Faso (a country in West Africa) and I primarily speak French. I am married and have three kids. I have been in the navy for six years and ten months. I am currently stationed at US Naval Hospital Okinawa as DOD Biomedical Technician. Before going back to my assignment topic, I like to say, I am very pleased to have you as a mentor. Why a study of rhetoric and rhetorical canons is valuable to me as modern-day student of English Composition? Ms. Jones, referencing of the definitions of the rhetoric, the types of appeals (Aristotle) and some of the canons of rhetoric (Cicero), it can be very valuable to my social life in my community, in my job as technician and as reference guide toward my goals as technician. We are living in a cultural diversity community which can impact our social life in many ways, mainly because of the cultural difference. What may seem wrong to one, may not be for others. Being rude to your neighbor in a given situation ignoring your cultural differences, could destroyed your relationship. Considering how you talk to…show more content…
The meetings are generally about equipment’s safety, input on new equipment purchase order for approval, equipment removal from service and the equipment review board. The upshot of the meeting depend 75% on the presentation of the biomedical technician, because it contains all the technical analysis and safety issues pertaining to equipment’s in question. That is why ethos and logos will very be valuable to me; to help me coordinate a given presentation in a professional style and also being very informative. Thus, the final decision makers will have all information needed to make the right decision for equipment users and patient safety, and improve the hospital quality of care. Wouldn’t that put me on the right track as a better technician? I surely think

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