Rock The Vote Case Study

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Voter registration coordinator, Rock the Vote (RTV) Age: 23 Passionate about: Making equality a reality rather than just an idealistic dream. Inspired by: Raymond Castellani, founder of the Frontline Foundation, which feeds the homeless people of Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles. Making a difference by: Coordinating voter registration drives through Rock the Vote, the nonprofit organization that works to engage and empower young people in the political process. Heidi Pendergast's friend, on his way out one night in 2001, was confronted by a group of young people whose shaved heads and reputations identified them as part of a group that liked to beat up people who were "different." On this night, they beat up Pendergast's friend, who happened to be Arab American. At the hospital,…show more content…
Pendergast: There are many causes I feel very passionate about, such as discrimination, funding for education, homelessness, and the environment, to name a few. I could very well be working for any of those causes and someday probably will. What I enjoy most about Rock the Vote is that it helps to educate people who aren't involved in politics on how to get involved. One person can change the world, but it's a lot easier when there are more people involved. What is your ultimate career goal? Pendergast: To be used to the best of my ability to help people and contribute back to my community. It's broad, but I am only 23. What is your greatest accomplishment related to your work? Pendergast: Luckily, I have been able to be part of an organization that helps get thousands of young people involved in politics. That could mean responding to an ad for volunteers, and all of a sudden it's three years later, and they are still with the organization. It's being a part of that—helping other young people become empowered—that I am most proud of. How did you handle the hate crime against your Arab American
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