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Vark Analysis Preferred Learning Style GRAND CANYON UNIVERSITY Family Centered Health Promotion NRS-429V June 01, 2013 Vark Analysis Preferred Learning Style Ones learning style can be defined as an individuals unique approach to learning based on strengths, weakness and preferences.( style, n.d.) Learning styles can be categorized into one of four groups or models that focus on: personality characteristics , information processing, social interaction, and instructional preference. The VARK model developed by Neil Fleming falls into the instructional preference category because it deals with perceptual modes. It focuses on the different ways an individual takes in and gives out…show more content…
The authors score of 42 places her into this category. Context specific approach learners tend to learn as well as those with a single preference expect they can have two to four single preferences. They have the ability to look at what needs to be learned and choose the mode that best fits the situation. Whole sense approach learners use a combination of their modes to learn or present information to others. They may be hesitant to use one mode for learning and will add other modes of input or output for reinforcement. This type of learner may often be slow to act or make a decision as they need to gather information in several modes to really understand…show more content…
Although the authors score placed her in the whole learners category she sees herself as a combination of the two. When learning a new physical skill the author prefers the kinesthetic approach to learning. For example to learn how to ride a horse, she would not read about it or look at a diagram first, she would learn by doing. If planning a road trip the author enjoys and prefers using maps over verbal or written instruction. To learn how to operate a new camera the author would first read the instructions, then view the diagrams while locating and operating the various features. As the author is an avid reader she enjoys learning by reading, and prefers text book learning to lectures. The author assesses the situation and applies the best mode or modes to fit the situation. The author reviewed the study sheets for read/write, visual and kinesthetic learning. The author found several tips for note taking for read/write that would be beneficial such as rewriting notes into outline form or lists, rereading notes, and organizing lists into multiple choice questions for studying. (VARK a guide to learning styles, n.d.) The author enjoyed taking the VARK assessment and learning about her learning style. As the author is comfortable with her study habits at this time she does not anticipate making changes at this time. However it has made her more aware of how others process information and how

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