Valued Material Possession

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We surround ourselves with valued material possessions as a matter of our lives taking course. A sense of linkage to the concrete and observable world external to ourselves permits us to obtain a sense of stability and continuity in an otherwise less stable existence. Discuss. Valued material possession can be regarded as the items seen as personally important to one’s life, where it represents a range of values including family, culture and reference groups. The purpose of valued material possessions for many consumers is to fit in with the group to avoid exclusion. However, as lives take course, brand meanings will ideally adjust due to the needs, wants and values varying at different stages of life. For instance, the value is meaningful at present, does not necessarily mean it will do so in the future. Nevertheless, through material possessions, a sense of self-identity can be created whilst still connected with groups such as families and communities. In other words, if these valued material possessions are removed from consumers, their sense of identity will be ultimately lost. There are situations where particular focus groups may rely on valued material possessions to overcome at times where a sense of stability is required. Examples of these focus groups include immigrants and prisoners. However, there are also further factors that influence consumers in determining their own valued material possessions such as psychological factor. Through exploration with: symbolism of valued materials, factors to why consumers surround themselves with these materials, groups’ influence and psychological factor, valued material possession’s linkage with stability and continuity can be recognized. Consumer’s identity symbolised through valued material possessions Valued material possessions are found to symbolise consumers as lives take course. Ultimately, they

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