Considering Obligations Essay

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Considering Obligations Abstract The objective of this paper is to define, describe and identify the meaning and the role that obligation plays within society today. Obligation can be conflicting in personal, professional, and employment situations. This paper provides an in-depth view of the role obligation plays in the workplace and personal life. Discuss how moral obligations can cause conflict with self, friends, family and employers. Considering Obligations Obligation is defined a course of action imposed by society, law, or conscience by which one is bound or restricted (Dictionary, 2007). An obligation is a requirement to take some course of action. It can be legal or moral. There are also obligations in other normative contexts, such as obligations of etiquette, social obligations. In terms of politics, obligations are requirements that are to fulfill. These are generally in the form of legal obligations, which incur a penalty for lack of fulfillment, although certain people are obliged to carry out certain actions for other reasons as well, which can be due to tradition or social reasons. Obligations are generally granted in return for an increase in an individual’s rights or power. (Wikipedia, 2007) Relationships play a critical role when determining obligation. The relationships include friendship, employment, professionalism and citizenship. They help a person to display respect and trust for others; they help determine personal behavior and response to situations. Obligation reflects on work performance, professional and personal commitment which helps a person to choose the appropriate decision according to the situation. These relationships obligate a person by having a mutual bond based of trust, respect and commitment. (Ruggiero.V, 2004) Secondly, Obligations can surely conflict when there is a moral commitment of an individual to
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