Vaccination Should Be Mandatory For Health Care Essay

410 Words2 Pages 1. What is the main issue being discussed by the writer of the editorial? The main issue being discussed is whether a vaccination for the annual influenza should be a job requirement for health-care workers. 2. What is the perspective that the author is arguing or conveying? The perspective is that the vaccination should be mandatory for health-care workers. 3. What evidence (quotes, statistics) can you provide to demonstrate that the writer is conveying the perspective identified? • “There ought to be better buy-in from medical professionals of all stripes. If not, it is time…show more content…
That means getting an annual flu shot.” 4. Do you agree or disagree with the perspective that the writer is conveying? Why or why not? I agree. Doctors and other health-care workers come into contact with sick people on a daily basis. Although (as stated in the article) the vaccinations don’t always 100% make it so you don’t become ill, they kill off a large amount of the germs that lead to sickness. Getting the vaccination protects not only the health-care worker, but also the family and friends of the worker. In fact, that can also protect the health of patients, as young and old are more vulnerable to illness and they catch disease more easily. 5. What other information would you need to make a more informed decision regarding this issue?) I would like to know a statistic stating how many health-care workers already receive the vaccinations. Also, the chances of getting sick without the vaccination as opposed to getting sick with

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