Using the Hpi Model for Improve the Administrative Assistant Skills

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Using the HPI Model for improve the Administrative Assistant skills Administrative Assistant has always to work itself to improve everyday their job. In these days is it a many ways to improve the necessary skills to have a better performance. Using the HPI Model the Administrative Assistant can have a better performance that can be measurable results. The Human Performance Improvement, knows (HPI), it is a systematic process that measuring performance gap, that help to identify the cause, develop the effective way to fix and evaluate the results that business needs. The HPI Model is simple, but if it followed it gives the guarantee that will able a success and business do not need to go the process again. This model has five components that form a circle continuums improvement: 1) Business analysis; 2) Performance analysis; 3) Cause analysis; 4) Intervention; 5) Evaluation. In a project it is not necessary go with the #1, the thing is no matter where to start, it is important to go through the five components to complete the circle. In the business analysis, usually the business defines their goals which have to be clearly defined in measurable terms. But the way to do that is to ask questions like the following: What is the ultimate business goal or bottom line? Ussually, business have a mission and vision statement that can help to create the goals, another questions is: “What is the project goal? This goal is more specific, stating what measurable performance levels are expected at the end of the project.”(Bimberg, Nida, 2005) “Are the business and projects goals in sync? How will project results contribute to the business goal?” (Bimberg, Nida, 2005) It is very important that everyone that is involved in the project understand the business reason and stay focus. In performance analysis, business can define the level that need to reach their project goal
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