Use Ansoff's Matrix to Analyse the Marketing Strategy That Tim Hortons Is Carrying Out

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A. The Ansoff matrix consists of market penetration, product development, market development and diversification. Tim Hortons operates about 2,600 coffee shops across Canada which shows that he has a large share of the Market. One of the main selling points for the business is that they offer reasonably good coffee at a low price. In fact it is 50 cents less expensive than major competitor, Starbucks. The company have also been publically praised for their speedy service which is a result of drive through windows. Tim began to use product development which is where a company develops new products to fit into an existing market. For example by introducing products like chicken noodle soup and yoghurt onto the menu. Product development can be seen as high risk because the target market may not want to try new products but there certainly is a gap in the market for healthier fast food which could lead to them decreasing McDonald’s market share. Tim is also carrying out market penetration which involves selling existing products into existing markets. Tim’s company’s first market strategy in Canada was market penetration because it started selling coffee and doughnuts just like competitors. This has led to him planning to introduce his products into America, not just Canada. This is a good decision because the company’s overall market penetration in Canada exceeds that of McDonald’s in the US. B. Success to Tim Hortons would be to increase their market share in America and increasing the market while keeping their reputation for reasonable products at a low price. I think that the business should do some market research in America because there may be different preferences in the different countries and also coffee makes 46% of revenues in Canada while only 32% in America. However this could change if they produce good quality and a speedy service. Also I think the

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