Is Wal-Mart Good for America?

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Is Wal-mart good for America? Is Wal-mart good for America, if you really think about it is a hard question to answer. If you answer this question right away you have not thought enough about the question and everything that plays into it. At first I thought right away no, Wal-mart is bad for America. My reasoning for this was its taking away business from local grocery stores, taking away work, and so on. And this can be true, Wal-mart can run other stores out of business due to the low prices. But when I think about it that store could be run out of business by any other store if they get into a price war, people most of the time will choose the cheaper place to shop at. So then when you look at it at the price aspect, Wal-mart can be seen as a good thing for America. Wal-mart claims to have low prices always, and in the economy that's what Americans need, we need cheap affordable products. But as we saw in the video, Wal-mart will put say a coffee maker, on sale, on display where you have to walk by and see it. And this will make someone look at the coffee maker and say oh, its only $20 dollars, huh well my coffee maker is old I'll go and look at the coffee makers then. The customer will go and look at the coffee makers, see the one they want but its not a low price like the other one, it could actually be marked up. And the customer will assume since the other coffee maker was on sale and such a low price that this coffee maker must be a good deal as well and chances are buy it. But again looking at the prices end of this, food is cheaper at Wal-mart. You can buy the name brand name products or you can buy the greater value products which are Wal-mart's brand products for even cheaper. Wal-mart also has a convince factor, I find myself going to Wal-mart for say car speakers and I end up buy speakers, movies, and food. The fact that it is all in one building

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