Urban Growth and Decline Essay

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Choose one geographical issue affecting Australia environments and explain how the chosen issue is managed. Urban growth and decline Urban growth is the expansion of city both spatially and in population size which can occur in both inner and outer areas of a city. Urban decline is the physical decay of an urban area, occurring due to the close-down or relocation of industries and business. This often associated with the inner-mix zone of a city. Many towns and cities are impacted by these geographical issues, Sydney is one of them. Therefore they are in need of managements. Urban growth is caused by various pull factors, including better educational and employment opportunities, better facilities and the large variety of service industries. However urban sprawl, the continuous outward growth of urban area to great distance from the city centre, causes a number of problems within the society and its environment. For example, building infrastructures, managing waste disposal, the use of natural resources and energy consumption cost a substantial amount of money. The destruction of landuses on the edge of city is also resulted from outer urban growth. Isolation of people and their increasing dependence on motor vehicle as well as pollution of environment also attribute to urban growth. In order to manage urban growth, different groups, individuals as well as government take responsibilities and actions. Urban consolidation is one of the most effective management, which promotes an increase in medium density and high density housing in suburbs that already contain infrastructures. The most common type of urban consolidation is high-rise development which often takes form of multistorey departments. This type of consolidation has taken place in suburbs such as Balmain and Pyrmont in Sydney. Another type of urban consolidation is to increase the number of houses
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