Unitary Human Beings

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Martha Rogers Theory: Unitary Human Beings
Martha Rogers was a community health nurse then moved to higher education spending 21 years as a professor and head of the division of nurse education at New York University. She was a nurse, researcher, theorist and author.
She viewed the role of a nurse as to serve the people, help clients develop patterns of living that accommodate environmental changes rather than conflict with them.. Rogers also proposed noninvasive modalities for nursing such as therapeutic touch, humor, music, meditation and guide imagery and even the use of color. The interventions of nurses are meant to coordinate the rhythm between the human and environmental fields and to help the patient in the process of change. By practicing nursing with this view of the coexistence of the human and his or her environment, a nurse can apply Martha Rogers's Science of Unitary Human Beings to treat patients and help them in the process of change toward better health. According to Rogers, the practice of nursing should be focused on pain management and supportive psychotherapy for rehabilitation. Nursing in the Science of Unitary Human Beings contains two dimensions: the science of nursing, which is the knowledge specific to the field of nursing that comes from scientific research; and the art of nursing, which involves using the science of nursing creatively to help better the life of the patient.
There are eight concepts in Rogers Nursing Theory:
Energy field, Openness, Pan Dimensional, Homodynamic principles, Resonance, Helicy ,

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