Nursing Ethics Scenarios

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Code Of Ethics Scenarios NR 222: Health and Wellness When the first code of ethics for nurses was developed in 1893, the profession of nursing publically declared its commitment to maintaining a certain set of values and duties to all of the world (Martha D.M. Fowler, 2010). Even though the code of ethics that we use today has been revised (several times) from the original version, the basic principles that nurses follow are generally the same this many years later. Nurses around the United States use the American Nurses Association Code of Ethics in their daily practice today. The guidelines of the Code of Ethics help nurses make critical thinking decisions, resolve conflicts, properly care for their patients, and adhere to other various…show more content…
For example, provision five states that a nurse must maintain competence (Martha D.M. Fowler, 2010). This means keeping my license and skills up to date. If and when I become certified in a specialty, I must maintain those skills that keep me competent in that specialty. I can accomplish this by going to classes, completing online continuing education courses or even attending rounds with physicians. Provision six states that a nurse must improve his/her healthcare environments and conditions of employment (Martha D.M. Fowler, 2010). I can accomplish this by volunteering to be in a leadership role within my own department, participating in hospital wide committees, etc. In some states this can also be accomplished by joining a nursing union. Provision eight states that a nurse should promote community efforts to meet health needs (Martha D.M. Fowler, 2010). This can be accomplished by volunteering at community health events, such as blood pressure or diabetes screening events. Provision nine states that a nurse is responsible for articulating nursing values and maintaining integrity of the profession (Martha D.M. Fowler, 2010). This can be accomplished by becoming a mentor for nurses who have just graduated. I could sign up to be a preceptor and really share with the new nurse the values of nursing, as well as demonstrate the integrity and core values of the profession. I could easily go through each of the nine provisions to the ANA Code of Ethics and demonstrate how I can use each one in my daily life as a registered nurse. There are multiple ways to use each provision of the Code of Ethics to help me to become a stronger, more confident and competent
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