Unit4223-031 Essay

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Unit 4223-031 Outcome 1 Understand how to maintain a clean environment to prevent the spread of infection. 1. State the general principles for environmental cleaning. The work environment should clean dry and germ free. Dust, dirt and liquid substances must not be allowed to build up. Regular cleaning can achieve this. Cleaning schedule must be written in COSHH, and should be follow. This should specify the staff responsibilities for cleaning. Equipment in the clinical environment must be decontaminated appropriately after every use and before moving on to another patient.. Chloral clean should be made according to given method too much water or very less water makes it less effective. 2. Explain the purpose of cleaning schedules. Cleaning schedule is important as it explains staff and patients and visitors- who cleaned, what is cleaned, what time and day cleaning happened, how often cleaning happens, whether something nedds to be cleaned daily, weekly or monthly. 3. Describe how the correct management of the environment minimise the spread of infection, Correct management of the environment minimise the spread of infection. Make sure all the staff should be fully trained in infection control and waste management. Uhl provides e learning infection control which is helpful. Cleanliness of the environment prevent spread of infection. 4. Explain the reason for the national policy for colour coding of cleaning equipment. Cleaning equipment should be colour coded and should be used in that area. Eg. Blue mop be used in general area like corridor bays. Red mop should be use in toilets and sluices, and yellow mop should be use only in infected and isolated area only. This lessens the chances of spreading of infection. Same way apron buckets waste bag are colour coded. Eg. Soiled dirty linen be put in red soluble bag and then in white linen bag. Outcome
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